Inefficient traffic and parking search are two main causes for the growing congestion epidemic, with staggering costs worldwide!  Americans alone spend almost 8 Billion hours, and $200 Billion every year – on traffic congestion and parking search.​ We offer two innovative, complementary, infrastructure oriented solutions:

  • Spiral Ring Interchange (S.R.I) - the most efficient complete system highway interchange, offering the best ratio of land-use/capacity/costs, to be built also in areas previously considered too small for interchanges. 

  • Complete Park & Ride System (C.P.R.S): an efficient, land saving, user-friendly system which includes parking, public transportation services and safe pedestrian accessibility, designed to be located on highways, intersections, junctions, and within the trapped areas of interchanges such as the S.R.I.

For commuters: a car may be the best way to leave home, but it is the worst way to enter the city center. An S.R.I, located at the outskirts of a metropolis, would stop cars as early as the highway interchange. A C.P.R.S will transfer commuters to a train or bus instead. This means less traffic jams, less urban congestion and no parking search.

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